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We've gathered together some of our most popular $64 questions and answered them below

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  1. "Are you guys available for my party?"
    We hope so! The quickest way to find out if we're available is to click on the orange "Get pricing" button at the bottom of this page. We'll let you know in less than 5 minutes if we are available!
  2. “Can Narrow Gauge learn our first dance song?”
    Affirmative! Sometimes the song you choose may be easy and a perfect fit for our band. Other times, we may not have the right instrumentation to do the song justice. For example, it's hard to do a Taylor Swift song, because we don't have a female vocalist in the band! But, whether we play it live or not, we can always play the exact song you want on our DJ rig.
  3. "How much do you guys charge?"
    That isn't an easy one! We perform all over Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico LA, AZ and beyond. So it's difficult to give set rates. Our fee will vary if we have to get on an airplane and fly to Phoenix instead of driving to Denver. If you tell us the when and where, we'll get you detailed pricing pronto! The best way to get pricing? CLICK on the "Get a Custom Quote" button below.
  4. "Do you play more than Country music?"
    Uh-huh! We are a country AND rock dance band. We know how to get your guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor! We'll play whatever it takes to get them them there. We play a wide variety of music from Jason Aldean to ZZ Top and AC/DC to Zac Brown Band. Check out the "Our Music" page for our play list and demos.
  5. "Did the police REALLY shut you down with the Presidents daughters on stage with the band?”
    Yes, believe it or not! We were performing at a HUGE outdoor wedding with President Bush and his family. Jenna and Laura and their friends were on stage singing with the band when the police came and "shut'er down!" To be fair, they had already warned us to stop. But our clients didn't care and it was the last song anyway! People always want to know what song we were playing when it happened. The Secret Service made us promise not to reveal that, so we can't tell you. We can give you a hint though..."Ride Sally Ride!"
  6. "How many are in the band?"
    There are four of us! Gene handles the acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin and most of the vocals. Ashley is our bass player. He also sings all our baritone vocal songs (Josh Turner /Randy Travis type stuff), and harmony. Mike, what can we say about him? He's the kicker. That's slang for drummer, but he also sings backup. Jim is our band leader, lead guitar player, manager and emcee. He sings harmony. He's the one who will answer your emails, texts and calls and help you plan your event.
  7. "Can we hire you without seeing you perform?"
    Yup! Would you believe that 45% of all our clients can't see us before they hire us? It's true. We've made the "Checking us out" process easier. All our demo stuff is live. We do that so that clients can hear how the band REALLY sounds. We don't doctor these demos in anyway. We also have tons of online reviews available for you to read.
  8. “Can you guys handle the Master of Ceremonies for our wedding reception?”
    Absolutely! We'll handle everything: We'll introduce your wedding party. We'll announce your first dance We'll oversee the toasts, cake cutting and even the garter and bouquet tosses. Of course, that's if you do any of those things. We'll worry about all the timeline details so you won't have to! Once you get to the party, you won't have to stress out about how to keep things on tract, because that's our job.
  9. "How does the DJ thing work?"
    Narrow Gauge comes to each show with a great DJ set up. This allows us to play any type of music or song that you want to dance to when the band goes on break. Wanna Wobble? No problem! You'll be able to customize this with whatever music you want! So you do get the best of both worlds: A fantastic live band AND DJ music so the party never stops
  10. “I'm loving you guys, what should I do next?"
    Nice! We love this question and the answer is easy: Click on the "Get A Custom Quote" button below. Our automated calendar will check to see if we're available and let you know in less than 5 minutes. You'll also get an email that asks for some details about your party. So mosey on down to the orange button and let's get started!